MS IIS and SharePoint Training Program

MS IIS and SharePoint Training Program

MS IIS and SharePoint Server Training Program

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SYS-EDís MS SharePoint Server training program has been designed to address the content management and presentation requirements of organizational enterprise: installation, administration, and content development; the duration is 15 days. The assumption is a uniform Microsoft operating environment; however, Linux-variants can incorporated into a base program. The MS SharePoint training program can be extended to include MS Phone 7 connectivity or industry leading mobile devices: Google Android smartphones and tablets or Apple iPhone or iPad. The MS Windows Phone device requires SharePoint Server 2010 or higher, as well as Microsoft ForeFront Unified Access Server.

Depending on the experience and background of the target audience, the MS IIS and MS Windows Server 2008/2012 component courses can be omitted and the program consolidated into a 10-day MS SharePoint program: facilities, administration, designer, and new features. Another alternative is a fast-track client-specific 5-day course: implementation, administration, and new features.

The program utilizes the full complement of training medium: distance-learning, web-based, and technology driven classrooms. In order to accommodate staff in remote locations, a course can be conducted utilizing a combination of classroom training and distance-learning. At the client's discretion, validation assessment and a final examination can be utilized. 

The course modules and duration can be used as a foundation to evaluate an integrated training program or to design a fast-track course.

MS IIS and SharePoint Server Training Program

Base Program Duration
Technology Updates
MS SharePoint
MS Windows Server
MS Phone 7
SUSE Linux

Emerging Software
MS SharePoint
MS Phone 7 Mobile Apps

 MS IIS and SharePoint Server Training Program

Teaching Models

Why SYS-ED MS Internet Information Server and SharePoint Server


MS IIS: Internet Information Server - Installation and Administration

4 days
MS Windows Server 2008: SharePoint Services 3.0 Implementation 2 days
MS SharePoint 2010 3 days
MS SharePoint 2010: Administration 4 days
MS SharePoint Designer 2010 2 days

Base Program Duration

15 days
Optional Courses  
MS SharePoint 2010: Architecture, Design, and Implementation 4 days
MS SharePoint 2010: Development 5 days
MS SharePoint 2010: New Features 1 day
MS Windows Server 2012: Installation and Configuration 5 days

Module: MS IIS: Internet Information Server - Installation and Administration
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. Installation / configuration 2. MMC: Microsoft Management Console 3. Productivity tools
4. IIS Internet Service Suite 5. SMTP E-mail Server 6. Multimedia NNTP Server
7. Integrating IIS Windows security 8. Managing web publishing 9. Publishing web content
10. Performance tuning and optimization 11. ISA performance enhancement 12. Improving user response Time
13. Server capacity: clustering load balancing    

Module: MS Windows Server 2008: SharePoint Services 3.0 Implementation
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics
1. Windows SharePoint Services facilities 2. Setup Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3. Windows SharePoint Services Servers
4. Managing web applications 5. Managing sites 6. Server maintenance
7. Monitoring performance 8. Administration 9. Windows SharePoint Services
10. Site Customization 11. Authorization 12. Configuring user permission
13. Global security changes    

Module: MS SharePoint 2010
Duration: 3 days
Major Topics:
1. Business case and functionality 2. Site templates 3. Managing and securing data
4. Storing enterprise information 5. Enterprise collaboration 6. SharePoint with Office 2010
7. SharePoint Designer 2010 8. Custom business solutions  

Module: MS SharePoint 2010: Administration
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics:
1. Deployment overview 2. Installation and configurations 3. Deployment best practices
4. Enterprise search 5. Enterprise metadata management 6. Enterprise content types
7. SharePoint workflows 8. Mysites and SharePoint social networking 9. SharePoint site administration
10. SharePoint site customization 11. InfoPath business forms and workflows 12. Information management policies
13. BCS: Business Connectivity Services 14. Backup and restore

Module: MS SharePoint Designer 2010
Duration: 2 days
Major Topics:
1. Interface 2. Basic operations 3. Portal customizations
4. Out-of-the-box workflow 5. Workflow customizations 6. Accessing external data
7. Data views    

Module: MS SharePoint 2010: Architecture, Design, and Implementation
Duration: 4 days
Major Topics
1. Designing a logical architecture 2. Planning a service application architecture 3. Performance and capacity
4. Designing a physical architecture 5. Designing a security plan 6. Authentication
7. Managed metadata 8. Planning social computing 9. Enterprise search strategy
10. Planning enterprise content management 11. Business intelligence strategy 12. Maintenance and monitoring plan

Module: MS SharePoint 2010: Development
Duration: 5 days
Major Topics
1. SharePoint 2010 development platform 2. Developer tools 3. Developing standard web parts
4. SharePoint objects on the server 5. Event receivers, application settings and business connectivity 6. Developing SharePoint 2010 workflows
7. Working with client-based APIs 8. Developing interactive user interfaces 9. Silverlight Applications
10. Sandboxed solutions 11. Profiles and taxonomy APIs 12. Content management solutions

Module: MS SharePoint 2010: New Features
Duration: 1 day
Major Topics
1. Featureset 2. Navigation 3. Browsing
4. SharePoint 2010 libraries 5. Managed metadata 6. Office and SharePoint Designer 2010
7. Administration improvements    

Module: MS Windows Server 2012: Installation and Configuration
Duration: 1 day
Major Topics
1. Installation 2. Configuration 3. PowerShell
4. Deployment 5. AD DS: Active Directory Domain Services 6. Domain controllers
7. Managing user accounts, groups, and computers 8. Implementing IPv4 9. DHCP: installation and configuration
10. DHCP database: managing 11. Name resolution for Windows server and clients 12. Implementing IPv6 addressing
13. Local storage 14. File and print services 15. Group policy infrastructure
16. AppLocker and Windows Firewall 17. Server virtualization with Hyper-V  

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Footnote 1:
SYS-EDís core Microsoft operating system and networking curriculum are being prepared for submission to the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision for technical review and licensing.